This Is What They Call Life
2001-11-18 20:25:13 (UTC)


What the hell is goin on here??? I am happy for a change!
But, Jackie isn't.... It's weird. Ya know, I always put
Jakcie's happiness (almost with my other friends) before
mine. And now it's so weird to like have my best friend
practically depressed cuz Kenny is an asshole. She really
doesn't deserve this. She's too good. But, I mean I am so
worried about her. She's really changing, and I'm not sure
if I'll be able to keep up with here. She's still the same
great person. I know she is. I really am just pissed at
Ken for puttin her through this. She didn't do anything
wrong.... She was in love...well, she still is. And he's
being stubborn about it. Whatever Ken.

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