Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-03-26 21:03:25 (UTC)

I am starving! I haven t had..

I am starving! I haven't had any REAL food for 5 freakin'
days! I tried eating chips for lunch today, whoa, big
mistake! I think my holes in my mouth started bleeding
again! I thought I could taste blood, rather disgusting!
But anyways! I have a boring life! YEAH! Nothing has
happened for what seems like forever! Well I take that
back...1 thing has happened. I found out that my friend
Kristy really likes my brother and that he likes her back.
I know I complained earlier about her but now I don't want
those two to go out. I mean, my brother is a good guy and I
don't want Kristy going around screwing that up. Plus I
know she will either A.) ditch all her friends completly OR
B.) totally ignore Jaret. Not good in my books! I don't
know if I should really even care about it all though. But
hey, I'm looking out for that can't be to wrong!
Laata- Sarah