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2001-11-18 19:46:44 (UTC)

PlotCommentary for November 18, 2001

Raymond was discharged from the hospital on Friday. That is
definately a great thing. He needed some new scenery. I
couldn't be locked up in the same place for that long of
time. I need to get out and about. He seems to be doing
good enough to attempt to wrestle with me.

Volleyball semifinals tonight at the HKC. Hopefully we can
win, so we can play at the Coliseum on Monday night prior
to RAW. I am not quite sure who we are playing tonight. If
we are playing "Last Minute", which is a possibly opponent,
it will be tough. They are one of two teams to push us to
three games.

Talking about RAW, it should be the biggest WWF show in
quite some time with it being the post-Survivor Series RAW
episode. Survivor Series could define where the WWF goes.
Vince McMahon knows the WWF is stinking up the place and he
needs something big to happen or look for the ratings to
continue to drop.

At Survivor Series, look for Team WWF to score the win with
some interesting angle playing in at the end of the match.
Possible appearance by Triple H tonight, but probably not.
The WWF needs to stop booking matches on the fly. It hurts
the overall product. The return of Jerry Lawler and a
possible WWF debut of Ric Flair could make things
interesting and juice the ratings.

That's my schpiel today. I hope you enjoy me updating this
almost every day!

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