DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-11-18 19:18:32 (UTC)

YoUnG LoVe

when i was young
i was so tooken advanced of in love
bein played every nite
haven my gurlz tell me watz up wif him
not beliven a word dey sey
i swore dey didnt kno ne fin bout me n him
i was in a dream world
thinken i was his only one
but he had so mani gurlz lined up 4 a shot
i cant even count dem all
he was playen
n i was bein fuked ovah
n i had so mani guyz
but didnt gibe dem a shot at me
cuz i aint da kind to go playen wif heartz
now imma oldah
n i wish i had given dem dat shot
maybi i wouldnt b so lonely rite now
maybi i would habe a guy
dat would treat me lyke a lady
n nevah evah hurt me
i left him u see
he slept wif my best friend
so now imma out on da streetz
liven life being lonely
Folíonn grá gráin Ya'll heard rite? *chu all u irish peepz
u kno wat dis gurl is seyen*

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