Bubble Baby
2001-11-18 18:59:44 (UTC)

Cry me a River, Build me A Bridge and Get over It!

So this has been a very boring weekend.
Friday, I Didn't do anything really...went to Bill's house
for dinner and that was basically it.
Saturday, sat around my house allllll day...just bummed it.
Then Bill came over at like 7...we watched
exciting. I woke up at like 3:45 to watch the meteor
shower...i thought that was pretty awesome. I layed my
sleeping bag on my front yard....snuggled up with another
blanket and watched them fall. When I started to go numb at
435 i came inside made some hot tea....went to my
room..layed down in my bed...opened my shades...and fell
asleep watching them.
Today i'm not doing's a Sunday who really
does anything? So i'm talking to Patty right now and
listening to the football game in the background.
I'm hungry so i'm going to find some yummy food in the

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