SuGaR RuSh
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2001-11-18 18:46:51 (UTC)


hey...oh boy yesterday was so fun me n brit went downtown 2
shop and it was soo funny these 2 guys hit on was
soooooooo funny cuz u could tell they were drug dealers lol
and we got lost....that was fun! lol and i got
undies...dude they r soo nicee lol hmm... my nails r a
pretty ugh we won the hockey game last
nite....andy sill hasent gotten a goal...geez hmm...ppl
suck...well 1 certin if i dont tell her
sumthing she gets all pissed @ me and is like "i tell u
everything" and yesterday she told sum1 somthin and she
didnt tell me...and i was rite thar...but i know who it
is....grrrrrrrrrrr i hate ppl!!!
well ttyl bye