le soleil et la lune
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2001-11-18 18:40:35 (UTC)

feel bad

I feel kinda bad about my last entry. I think I was just
venting. Anyway, my time in Durham was absolutely
awesome. I got there an hour and a half early so I found
melody just about to go bake some cookies for me. It was
weird to go back though. I know for sure now that I made
the right choice in coming back. I love my friends there
immensely, but by the time we left, I was ready. David was
awesome for coming with me. He fit right in. Heather got
her nipple pierced and felt the need to show me when I came
to say hi to her. Anna, Heather, and Jen all had their
hair cut off VERY short. I liked it, and was going to let
someone do mine, but I ran out of time. The play was
awesome. Sherelle(sp?), a junior on 3B made an amazing
devil. She really had the attitude to go with it. In real
life she isn't a devil though. And ironically, Erinn's
roommate DAwn(affectionately known as Da) was one of the
people I took on a tour and showed my room to. They say
its cursed now, because it always smells like a mixture of
cosmetics and rotting food. We went to see monsters inc
too. It was a cute movie, but not as good as Shrek in my
opinion. Then David and I went to meet his parents at the
Carolina-Duke game. That's part of the reason I was 1hour
and 10 minutes late for work. The other is that we got
lost in Winston on the way to the mall. I don't know how,
but we did. And then I found out that my tire was almost
flat. THe bright side, Andre stood out there with me while
I waited for CJ to get off, and we got to know each other a
little better. CJ took me home. He said he got into
another fight with his mom about not getting to come to
Durham with me. And that because Andrew went off and
didn't tell anyone where he was his plans for Friday night
were ruined. Next time CJ is going with me. Maybe we
won't have to make Melody get off of the hood of the car to
leave next time.