my so called life
2001-11-18 17:46:40 (UTC)

These crazy times

These crazy times when you're young. I don't know what to
say. Life is crazy. Be crazy everyone.

Had the weirdest time last night
Went to this pub or whatever. A weird mix between old
drunkies, young junkies and me and my friends. Met this new
guy who is in Silvia's class. He was kind of cute and a lot
of fun.
When I was standing in the bar waiting for my beer this old
drunkie came over. I've seen him at the bus a few times and
obviously he'd seen me too. He asked if I used to be on
that bus and I said 'maybe'. He said 'I'm quite sure I've
seen your sensitive beautiful face before' . I couldn't help
it, I laughed out loud :D

Met a lot of people I know outside. This guy who was in my
class last year and stayed at our camp at Roskilde this
summer. He's so cute, but I don't know.. There's something
about him that makes me feel like an idiot.

Oh, gotta run!
I'll finish this later