Diary of a dope fiend.....
2001-11-18 17:41:00 (UTC)

no sleep...

So yeah as you can see on the title i've had not one bit of
sleep.... a little over 24 hours with no sleep.. im fuckin
exausted and pissed off to holy fuckin hell!! i read fag
bois journal.. and hes all talkin about my Bf and shit...
about how he misses him and crap and how he could call him
but doesnt need to run the phone bill up anymore....and
that he misses "HIS BF" UGH!!! FUCKIN MEN!! i swear i wanna
beat the living shit outta that boi with my bare fuckin
hands make him bleed till he cant bleed no more.. i swear
i've never wanted to hurt someone so bad than right now.
Annnnnd this guy i told you about who i went to rocky with
was just over here cause i invited him and his friend to
see the metor shower tonight but they got here too late so
we just hung out and talked till about now witch its about
12:30 the whole time i got the feeling he wanted to kiss me
and his friend kept pushing him my way... but i kept
scooting away little by little cause i dont like him like
he likes me...and there is no attraction there what so
ever.. i know that sounds bad but i have to have some
attraction there... i mean hes a sweet guy and all but he
does get on my nerves... he told me he wanted to kiss me
when he left but i told him i was with someone and that i
loved him so much then he was like well i'll see you at
rocky this weekend i hope see ya.. and here i am after i
read what got me so pissed off. UGH!!!!! my life just cant
get better can it.. everythings fine till ONE LITTLE THING
fucks it all up and its shooting down Hell lane... and full
speed and theres no way for me to fix it to make it
better.. fuckin a man!!! my day was goin great i saw harry
potter got to talk to one of my good friends who i havent
talked to in ages then i saw the metors after that shit
just went *poof* bye bye.. oh well i think i've bitched
about enuff shit already so i'll see ya around(btw harry
potter was an awsome movie i'd reccomend it for those of
you havent gotten a chance to see it yet... to go!)