My Life.............
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2001-11-18 17:22:24 (UTC)

My Dream..:)

I had a dream about Jeff lastnight, well, since ive never
seen what he looks like, it was what my mind thought he
looked like i suppose, anyway, he was pretty cute.LOL and i
got to hug him.:) and i woke up feeling wonderful, its like
thats all that i needed, a hug, even if it was in a dream,
i feel like i can move on now, its ok that he doesnt love
me back, ill be ok, i am ok, i guess in a way i got what i
wanted.:) I know that sounds weird, but, for me that dream
was enough, i think its finally over, now maybe i can stop
hurting, yes, i think thats whats going to happen...:)