Squeeb's world
2001-11-18 17:17:12 (UTC)

The big one...

Me and my bloody insecurities. They got the better of me
Friday night I swear. You know the one I mean. The one that
bugs me the most- losing my best friend. Anyways so I was on
a low self-esteem kick Friday. I was on the whole "Short,
fat and ugly" kick and then Kim just egged it on by saying
that my singing voice was so bad that I sent dogs howling
out of town. Thank you. So I just got all upset and went for
like a half an hour walk to cool down. Then it just got
worse cuz we were barely speaking to each other. I figured
"Why bother when she seems to hate my voice so much?" so
then when I came back from my walk I was going to apologize
for being such a bitch but her door was closed. Finally I
knocked and we didn't really say much. She later went to
bed without saying a word which naturally freaked me out.
Therefore I didn't sleep hardly at all. I cried myself to
sleep, woke up sick to my stomach... so then at 6am after
just laying there staring at the ceiling, I took my pillow
and blanket into the living room to wait for her to get up
and when she saw me lying there she cracked up. Apparently
she was sick the night before which is why she went to bed
without saying Goodnight. Thank the Lord. I started bawling
and told her I thought she was mad at me and she laughed
even harder. No, she's not. Phew. Me and my damn
On other news- the evil subletter from Hell finally
showed up to collect her junk off our balcony. It's about
frickin time- hel-lo! I missed her too so I don't need to
ever have contact with the Devil's daughter again. Yeehah!
Good-bye Devil-spawn. Have a nice life!
Oooh yay tomorrow is Monday which means my baby should
be back online. I haven't talked to him since Thursday- can
you tell I'm suffering a wee bit of withdrawal? I'm wearing
his jersey today too. I love you baby, talk to you soon.

Current mood: relaxed and relieved
Current music: "Cinderella"- Britney Spears