Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
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2001-11-18 16:25:52 (UTC)

Wimpering gods

They cling to the hope that there is a god
they become oblivious to the a simple fact;
there truely has been no god for many centuries
but yet they wait in a single file line
they wait for him to appear
they wait to have him take their troubles away
and they wait for knowledge that no mear human should posess
'Til the end of all religions they will wait
When the end comes they will break into shards of religion
crystal shards of a distant memory
Never to be truely understod ever again...

I wrote this in a few minutes at this computer so it truely
sucks. Forgive me people but this is how, right now at
least, I feel about religion. It is a hopeless dream that
people hold too dear to their hearts and when it is gone
they will mill around wimpering for they need it. It is
their crutch.

Valkyrie of Velios