Garden of Stones
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2001-11-18 11:36:54 (UTC)

Me, an asshole? never!

Hmm.. saturday was an interesting day for me. I got to hang
out with crystal and Matt(a friend from school, hes a porch
monkey) for like an hour. We headed up to NH to buy Terri a
Birthday present(A pipe). Mind you, this was all done in
secrecy, since Terri is still mad at me and doesnt want me
hanging out with Crystal(FUCK!). Well, Terri stayed at the
hotel(Oh yeah, Terri rented a room for her b-day and
crystal and matt were there). I kissed Crystal! :D

Let me sum up this whole Terri situation: Terri is pissed
at me because I am now going out with Crystal, her best
friend, after she broke up with me. Me and crystal talk,
but in secrecy. This most definetly sucks ass let me remind

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