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2001-11-18 11:29:05 (UTC)


It's early morning. Quiet and peacful. sometimes i wish
it would last all day. i love to be alone with my
thoughts. i guess its a way for me to connect with
myself. to know i'm still in here. i'm sure not many
people would understand that statment. people get so wound
up in every day life. they forget how important it is to
just be with ones self. i know this because i do it all
the time. and then when i do get a chance to be alone i
realize what i have been missing. like the beauty of the
world. the things God has givin us. how wonderful it is.
so peaceful. the beauty of a single tree. or the
innosence of a simple minded puppy. it's so wonderful to
see that willingness to love, the desire to love. that
only a puppy has. wouldn't it be nice if we all had that.

I feel sad for people who haven't seen the world for it's
true beauty. i feel sad for the bitter people of the
world. why do we alow a lonely old man to be lonely? what
is it that we are afraid of. why are we to busy to smile.
and wave at a neighbor?

i saw two falling stars this morning. it was great.
i don't want to teach my girls that life is to busy to stop
and smell the flowers. when i was little i spent a lot of
time outside. where i grew up we didn't have play grounds
and lots of kids. we had hills and trees. thats where i
saw the beauty of the earth for the first time. i enjoyed
it then, but not as much as i enjoy it now. mom use to
make us go outside. then i thought she was being mean.
now i'm glad she did. i remember how at peace i felt when
i was alone sitting on the hill looking down at the valley.
God has givin us so much. i think if people would take the
time to see the earth they might think twice about
distroying it. i also think they would become more at
peace with themselves if they would find a beautiful spot
with no noise no distractions and pray and think. think
about the miracles around them. they are so amazing.
these are all gifts from God that we take for granted.
including myself. i, myself need to spend more time
enjoying Gods gifts.

Karissa is awake and asking for attention. so my time for
my thoughts are over for awhile.

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