hello kitty cat
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2001-11-18 10:29:41 (UTC)

Yeah I know...3 in the same 10 mins..

This is why I hate people...
His Info~
Member Name: Mike
Sex: Male
Marital Status: single
Hobbies: sports, beer, golf, some music
Personal Quote: "Dont mess with us because we dont forget
anything. We will pay you back sometime. Whether it be
the maroon marsupial, the green iguana, or the black
junebug. We will get you. We dont forget anything.
Anything." The Wrecking Crew
Guy: hey there
Me: Hey
Guy: how are you?
Me: I'm alright
Guy: yo uhave a pic?
Me: yeah
Guy: can i see?
Me: no.
Guy: why not?
Me: I'm tired of random guys IMing me and asking to
see my pic
Guy: so i cant see it?
Me: lets make the hint a little more clear..No.
Guy: what will you do for me?
Me: What the fuck, what will I do for yoU!?
Guy: curious
Me: What makes you think I will do something for you?!
Guy: hoping
Me: hoping for what may I ask?
Guy: maybe talk dirty to each other
Me: my boyfriend just left..*hinting again*
Guy: so you need something else?
Me: nope I'm satisfied *big hint don't talk to me*
Guy: what about phone sex?
Me: lol lets
Guy: why not?
Me: I haven't ever talked to you and your asking me
what I can do for then you say how about
phone sex..and then you ask why not? to mention
all those things I said like..oh wait here's one.."*don't
talk to me*
Guy: Oh

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