A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-11-18 10:27:38 (UTC)

Under Pressure

Yea, so the Queen song was just on the radio.... ;-) It's

I'm so stressed about everything right now. I'm stressed
to the point where I'm not stressed anymore. Unless I get
that place further up the streetcar line, I'm not moving
for another month. I can't afford to. I can't afford to
stay here, either. I guess I'm gonna have to, though.
Court date is in a week and a half. That's only gonna make
things worse. I'm soooo screwed....

Work, heh, I don't even want to go there. Things are just
as stressfull there. At least I actualy get the hours I
need next week and probibly the week after.

VNV is gonna be here the same day as my court date. I
wanna go so badly. I hope I can. This is something I just
don't want to miss.

Spent the eveining surfing the net. Ran across the web
site of someone I met at C5. It brought back so many
memories of my first experience here. I had so much fun.
It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Now I live here. This place is just as strange and
beautiful as it was then. Only now it's a familiar
strange. New Orleans is realy where I belong. I'm still
in love with this place. Walking through Audobon park late
at night, or the Quarter. Hanging out at the Alley, even
working. I love it all. I don't know if I'll ever not
love this place. I still remember the exact moment when I
first stepped onto NO soil (swamp, whatever. ;-)) I knew I
was home. I still feel that. Now it's feels the same as
sleeping with someone you've been in love with for a long
time. They are wrapped in your arms, just a little bit
sweaty from making love. You softly and very carfully, so
as not to wake them, move some hair away from their face.
You just lay there, watching them sleep. That's how I feel
about New Orleans. I want to die (not right now, not for a
long time) in this city. I want to be mummified and be put
in a crypt here. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a nice
egyptian/pyrimid type crypt.

I want to get a new tatoo. I'm working on the design, it's
a largish ankh with the loop on the back of my neck. I
need to figure out which hyrogliphics I want to write in
it. It'll have to wait a few months, or even longer,
though. There's no way I can afford it right now. For
those who don't know, I did get my first tat here. It's
located in the small of my back (yes, it was very
painfull.) The design is a pentagram and the Chaos (8
pointed star) symbol, interwoven. Everyone says it's
beautiful. I have to agree. ;-)