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2001-11-18 09:50:22 (UTC)

My So Called Life

Matt called afther I`d fall aleep yesterday, so the phone
wake me and we talked for a while.
Usaly when I hang up on people I fall asleep at once, but
not this time.
I could`t go back to sleep, I felt empty cuz the boy I`d
been talking to was Matt not S*.
S* used to call me at night, I loved that, even though I
didnt get much sleep, it was wourth it.

Something else did also happend yesterday, I was sitting in
the livingroom with my father, we where waching tv, when he
started to talk about Samuel and that he might not survive
this winter.
I hate to talk about it, so at first I`d say that I diddnt
wanted to talk about it, and then I turned my head away.
But certanly, I`d brak down and started to cry, realy much.
My father came over to my sofa and started to comforing me,
I dont usaly cry when he`s arond.
Later on Samuel came over to our house, I think it was
cause of my father, he felt sorry for me and wanted to do
something nice, afther all it was his foult that I`d break
Samuel was okey, it was nice to have him there, but I was
realy tired, I didnt get much sleep last night, I`d been up
early, working and crying always makes me tired.

But now its time for litte Angel to do some working

C `ya