2001-11-18 08:10:48 (UTC)

the birthday party

so my brother's birthday party ended up being a little more
than i expected... boys drank, then they fought. it was
pretty dumb but nothing to get all worked up about. I guess
since I don't really know any of those people very well it
wasn't a real big deal for me. I never really expected that
by the end of the night I would have some 16 year old kid
by the throat telling him to go the fuck away before i
called the police on him but I guess if I had known that
woulda been kind of freaky. I dunno. Boys are just dumb.
Especially (but not limited to) when they drink. This is
exactly why I don't need another boyfriend. I don't need to
deal with drunks on a regular basis. Argh. What will the
neighbors think? (this all took place on my front lawn at
around ten thirty) ... well i guess that's not really my
problem too much. Guys are just way to macho for their own
good. This guy seemed to think that fighting is just
another way of passing a saturday night or whatever. Just
dumb. His dad teaches at the high school I used to go to.
Dumb dumb dumb kid. But I guess there were a few dumb kids
there, not just him. Drinking is dumb when you get to that
stage. Like, guys drink to get drunk for some reason. I
don't understand why. Getting sick and doing stupid things
you'll be totally embarassed about (or have to deal with
the repercussions of) the next day is just stupid. And I
think this kid is not in the good books of quite a few
people now. Well, it's his own fault I guess.
Time to go to bed.

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