Electric monkey
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2001-11-18 05:52:15 (UTC)

11-17-01 [lots done and feeling good]

my day was pretty busied up with stuff.ran errands all day,
went shopping for a little bit, and got 2 new outfits, and
then went to the AIDS benifit dance. that was fun. Cletus
and Vergil was funny, bacchus was good, and cardboard was
good too! i was proud of them. yay. today kindof brought
be out of my semi-depression. yep, so thats always good.
although i hope i dont become all sad this week, dang it.
= only its a short week.. yeah. woohoo.
lallalal.. i got a cardboard set list. its my prize from
the dance. i did have a trumpet, but i had to give it back.
hehehe.... yeah. jacob and graham taught me how to play it.
i talked to jacob while cardboard was playing. he had fun
playing, and he was eating nerds.
ive got a penguin stamp on my hand.
then lee called me a Pentecostal. in reference to my skirt,
although it was much too short to be Pentecostal, as well
as my hair. then i beat him up, so its all good.
i shaved my legs and they still itch.
carried a Bandit 112 amp across a never-ending parking lot.
rented Romeo and Juliet, havnt got a chance to view it yet.
although ive seen it before. [the newer one]
i got ne ink for my printer!!!!!!!!! first time in
AGES!!!!!!!!! i want to print something out now. its
exciting. woohoo.
ok, im done now. and i think im going to go. nothing more
to say. bye you muppet baby.