In Too Deep
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2001-11-18 05:51:27 (UTC)

I KNOW YOUR NOT EXACTLY CRAZY ABOUT THE WAY I HAVE BEEN LATELY was pretty good. my parents went to north
georgia all day, so i just sat around the house & listened
to music...which was great. Aaron came over a little b4
6...and we went to the mall for a little bit. then we went
to best buy...and we found 2 copies of the new mest cd! i
was sooo we bought them & played some nintino
there haha. then we went to target & i had 2 get some
stuff..wowie. yay. so we went to the park after that &
played on the playground. we swang & climbed on that little
curvey baseball fence...we went home like 1 1/2fore my
cerfew so we could hear the MEST cd. it is so awesum!!! so
we were playing around & both in really good moods. i was
trying sooo hard 2 make him happy b/c of the fight we had
last night. then all of a sudden we start argueing. it
sucked! i was sad. but then we appologized & got happy
again. i love him so much, but i never tell him that. i
dunno y i dont. i just dont know....
i haver 2 go to tennesee on wednesday. dammmit i REALLY
dont want to go! it sux soooooo bad! im gunna beg my
parents to come home friday or saturday. dammit!!! that
pisses me off!! ok well im gunna go ..cya

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