Forgotten Misery
2001-11-18 05:20:20 (UTC)

yoyo foo

I have decided im so in love with geoff its not even
funny...Holy shit the andrea can actually truley let
herself love someone yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
Today was my babies b-day but he doesnt get his gift till
later from me cause its gonna be a hella cool gift lol well
one is me and im gona get him something that kicks ass i
just have to find somthing that screams that is so my baby
lol ya and for his birthday i get his old cell phone i love him o
wait i think ive already said that in this owell i will say it again
i love geoff i love geoff i love geof ok ok im done im gonna go cause
i have to get up at five to see the metor shower i love shoting stars
and stuff im a big sap for that stuff ....... I love you geoff

Love always,