.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-18 05:16:02 (UTC)

awkward kiss.

I dont know what happened tonight, i honestly dont, i was
single handedly one of the most confusing nights of my
life. we went to the mall, with jarred and alicia, all is
fine, we stole some of those cards in the FYE that say the
band names in alphaetical order, i always wanted to take
one of them, so i snagged a saves the day one, and alicia
several otheres. this, ironically and dissapointingly
enough was the most satisfying even of my evening.

jim and i argued about dumb stuff, music, and trade
center. that wasnt it, that wasnt what went so wrong, what
went wrong, i asked abotu our relationship, I ASKED what
last night ment. so there, for hte next few hours we sat
awkwardly and silently. finally i said i had to get home,
and i did, and we finlly talked and decided to work on it.
and i'll call him tommrow, and we'll be ok. i told him to
watch the skies tonight, the largest meteor shower for
another 200 years. 3-5 am. it ended with an awkward
kiss. im not letting this boy hurt me. thats all.