Random Notes By A Nameless Nobod
2000-11-15 01:57:33 (UTC)

November 14, 2000 Tuesday 8:51..

November 14, 2000
8:51 pm

Today, It was back to school for me. So boring...so so boring. I
had to take a geometry quiz I missed. I didn't do so well. What did
I expect though. I have no freaking clue when it comes to
numbers...it really sucks. My day was ok at school, when I got
home...well, that was a different story. I got in trouble almost 10
times because of my "attitude". I didn't even notice, I was getting
an attitude, that's the sad part. Basically, my mom just told me
that I better "NEVER" talk to her that way again. I just wish I knew
what "that way" is. I am so screwed. What a great life I lead.

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