Bad Kitty

Blood, and Sugar
2001-11-18 04:58:57 (UTC)

Men can suck themselves

Why are men the way they are? I'd really like to know.
One day they're all into you the next they act like they've
never even seen you before.
Like this guy, I go out with him, like as friends on
saturday, but there a girl asks for his number, I don't
mind at all. But later on a guy asks for my number then
asks if I had been hitting on him. Not wanting to be rude
or lie I say "Probably." and then the guy I was with gets
really mad at me, and won't talk to me, so I put my arm
around his waist and basically tell him that I'm there with
him, and that I really liked him. So we spent the rest of
night together with either my arm around him or him holding
my hand. But then on monday he ignored me, tuesday he waved
and feighned illness, then on thursday I didn't see him,
and on friday I asked about another saturday and he said he
didn't know, so I told him to forget it and that I was
going to make plans with Myke instead. What the hell is
wrong with him? Obviously I'm not totally repulsive if some
other guy risked possible troubles by flirting with me! I
mean truly, I'm not disgusting, I'm alright looking I'm not
model, but I'm easy going, and pretty well figured, so why
is it that he's decided that suddenly I'm not good enough
for him?! Bastard! I liked him too, but now I'm just going
to date that guy I met to piss him off.
Can somebody tell me why the hell men act the way they