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2001-11-18 04:37:19 (UTC)


Hello everyone. Today was one of my best friends named Joe
Mauer's 16th birthday. I havent seen the kid in 3months
(different schools) and i was so happy to see him once
again. Me Amanda Amanda and Marisa took him out to eat at
Ruby Tuesdays. We watched the video we made for him at
Amanda S.'s house, and he loved it and we all cracked off
and laughed our asses off watching it. Me and Amanda S.
bought his CD too, it was $7.00 and it is really good. By
the way his band is a Christian Pop Punk Band(think Slick
Shoes), and they are called the Curbside Heroes, and if you
want to get in touch with them the band screen name is
[email protected] believe me their cd is awesome. So
anyways, me and Brittany sorta patched things up, I dont
care anymore, I dont want to have to go thru the basketball
season with one less friend. Besides she cracks me up all
winter. other news, I am preparing to forget
about Brad, well not forget, just not persist or push it.
If it happens....then it happens, if not, no biggie, there
r plenty of other guys worth my time. I am going to meet
the planner for my sweet 16 tomorrow, pretty excited about
that. Joe wrote me a really sweet email that i got wen i
got home tonight after listening to his CD.....:

OKay, first of all, you are the most beautiful girl in the
world, and three months of not seeing you is definately too
long. Second of all thank you so much for being so nice to
me, you really did make my bday. Okay, i wanna call you
but, its kinda late and i dont wanna wake you up in case
your asleep, tell your dad thank you for me. Ill talk to
you tomorow. I love you shanen...i really do.