My Boring Life
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2001-11-18 04:34:00 (UTC)


I'm sooo tired. I don't know what's with me. I've been
tired all fricken week! And I had to babysit last night.
What a rip off. I only made $25. They keep getting cheaper.
When I started I got $6 an I got 5...ugh. It
sucks! All 4 of the kids were up too. SOooo not fair.
That's $1.25 a kid! And they are all little brats! Well, my
mom's being nice, and telling me to get off. lol. Sooo..I
think I'll get off and go to sleep. Too bad I can't seem to
get caught up on my sleep. I'll have to start sleeping in
school! lol. well...Chris still needs to call me...bye now!


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