2001-03-26 16:43:04 (UTC)

there's a better self sooth poem

an endless feeling of carrying around weights
10 pounds 20 pounds ankles and wrists

seeping energy toxic foods..
clothes that won't fit
and the mood of a bitch ..

all for the taste of a burger and fries
can't take a break need the food or i cries ..

God forbid i should wait for a week
what if i die tomorrow; no treat?
well the mood of my poems sounds much like a glutton
but this is the frame of my mind i must change...
when the food is all gone in 5 minutes or so ..
the only thing left is a body that grows..

and it's easy to addict
not care grow thick ..
when there's so much else left in this world...

to be sad to lose? to be happy to eat
if i lose i win.. i defeat death within ..

so the start of my day and my end
i must choose..
in truth there are options
that will better self soothe..