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2001-11-18 04:19:32 (UTC)

I met his parents!....

Today was not like I planned but it was still a wonderful
day! I spent the day with Terry today. We were going to go
for a ride on his Harley because the weather is
unbelievable, so I'm driving to meet him 1/2 way and he
calls me and says, so what ELSE would you like to do today?
It seems his roommate, who is in charge of paying the
storage fee as part of his rent, had a check that bounced
not this month but last, and knew about it, so when he got
there the storage was double locked! He was so mad at his
roommate, really angry, and he said his roommate has known
about it, but just let it go. He said if he had known
yesterday he would have just paid it himself but could not
today. So i understood the situation and it was
disappointing but fine. So we met at the place we said, I
got in his truck, we went to have lunch, went to the car
wash, went to the dam at the Mississippi River and walked
around, went to his mom & dad's house so he could help his
dad unload something, I met dad, mom was at work, went to
his house and watched Shrek, which i really loved, and then
his mom called and asked if we wanted to meet them for
dinner. I wasn't expectiing to meet the mom and dad, i had
met his dad earlier but i was a little nervous about the
mom. They are very close. But we had a great time, she's
really nice and fun, kind of reminded me of my mom.
While we were watching Shrek it was so nice to be
comfortable with someone just laying on the couch. It's
been so long since I thought I would ever be able to be
with a guy again. What I mean is that after my last
boyfriend, it was so painful what happened that I never
thought I could find that closeness, that intimacy with
another man. I didn't even want to in a way. But with Terry
I find myself saying you know what, I like him, he's sweet,
I like his hands, i like when he holds me. He kind of
grabbed me toward him and touched my midriff and i couldn't
help but think that I could stand him touching me, i liked
it. I'm not sure where it's going, but he sure is sweet and
good to me.
He asked me to go with him to his family's Thanksgiving
dinner! I told him I was going to my Aunt's but I'd still
like to go over later, he said that would be fine. I would
like to make a dessert, maybe a cheesecake to take over
there and maybe I'll bring a bottle of wine or something.
So i'm very happy today, i think Terry's been very good for

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