Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-18 04:11:39 (UTC)

Fourth change in plans tonight....

Alright, I was all pumped that Marissa was gonna come over
and spend the night because I've have a very long stressful
week of volleyball, etc., (thank god I got cut, I'll get to
that in a bit) But then my plans got switched around and I
was upset she couldn't come over because all my anticipated
fun went down the drain! (If you guys don't know Marissa
she's super cool super fun, even though we've had our ups
and downs, she's a tight friend of mind, and I consider her
one of my best, she's one of those people you can talk to
no matter what and she'll help you out, I can only hope I
do the same for her. We're so crazy when we hang out, it's
awesome because we end up laughing our asses off!) Anyways,
so I was gonna see if Crak ho was around but I was never
able to get a hold of her, then I was gonna go have
some "fun" with a friend of mine (hint hint, only cody
knows what I'm talking about, hehe) but I ended up going to
the play with some friends and then chilled at my house. I
wonder if my parents even know I've been home for the past
two hours with friends over, hmmm.
Anyways, about volleyball, yea I got cut. Boy did it feel
good, I only went out to make my mom and dad happy. I did
work my butt of too, but I think people like Rissa should
have not been cut, Carolyn Crews should have been cut (big
difference in talent there-Riss is awesome) But I'm also
happy for people like Rachey-poo aka Crak Ho didn't get
cut, I really hope she makes the team, then I'll try to go
to every one of her games! I wuv you Poo-poo! lol!
Well I must retire my typing because my cousin wants to
talk to me, I'll write later
peace out, and adam I hope you feel better (if you wanna
know the scoop on him his journal is St.Lunatic, I feel so
bad for him!)
Love to all (got my grammar down, I went from a 76% to a