Hero or Opportunist?

Who am I?
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2001-11-18 03:27:59 (UTC)

Where are we

Is life really life, or is it simply a surreal existence?
Why do we float on, day to day, going about our business?
What is our business? and why do we have it? Are there
really any answers, for I feel like the only "answers" lead
to more questions, which lead to more answers which lead to
more questions, and so on and so forth. I have nothing to
offer, only questions for which there is nothing. Does
anyone ever really know anything, or is it all pretend.
Life is pretend, we fake a smile, we bullshit an essay,
why, because deep down, we know nothing. We meander
through our day, wanting somethng deep down, but never
being able to grasp it. We set out on a journey of
ourselves, yet when we claim to find us, we are more
confused then ever. They who have found inner peace, no,
they have found a place inside where they feel nothing. A
place where they can stuff all bad things in life, the
things that hurt too much. Those people who find peace
with themselves are just cowards who can't stand up to what
the human condition. God didn't make life easy. Some
parts will be less difficult then others, but they will
always be difficult. They aren't easier then others, they
are less difficult then others. The inner peace, is simply
a spot where all the bad things can be dumped, and
ignored, but never forgotten. And then, one day, on a
seemingly random day, that spot is opened by a seemingly
random person. Only the day isn't random and the person
isn't either. This may be the day when you're 15 years
old, or 75. Doesn't matter, that day, which could be the
start of a long, painful road to realization, is the day of
your greatest test. Will you simply ignore it, like
always, or face it, and make something of yourself? Will
you take God into your life, and ask for his mercy, beg him
to forgive your insolence? I hope you do, and I pray for
The preceeding words are simply my own rambling, if
you care to comment, drop me a line. If you even get this
far, you are a far better person then you think.
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