Borrowed Light
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2001-11-18 02:22:36 (UTC)

so much to tell you

well i know i havent written here in like ages and i am
sorry. i have been such a busy girl with all this dancing
and stuff..i danced at the following cd launch last night
and that was cool...the audience werent all that great but
i had a lot of fun up there, laura said something really
encouraging...she said "you are a really good dancer," and
i said "kel makes us all look bad," (jokingly) because kel
is so good! and then she said "kel's good, but you stood
out to." that was such a good compliment...im really self
concious because i think the other girls are so much
better, it was cool...

the sky was so beutiful last night...it was just like
aladdin, i could have layed there for a million hours just
trying to measure the gaps between the stars. i had this
overwhelming feeling of wanting to fly, it was just so

i went to alabaster box up in ipswich the night before
last, it was quite good. glass and a half playued to, those
guys are so nice, i bought the cd because they dedicated a
song (comet) to us girls, its a really good song to, i like
it. i saw an amazingly cute guy there but when i turned
around he had vanished..it was odd, i almost had the
courage to just go up and say hi to :(

todd, a guy from emmanuel who i semi met at phenomenal sent
me an email promoting his christmas cd (he plays sax) he
seems like such a good person, i saw him last night at
elevation but he didnt recognise me...i think i might
become friends with this guy, go to his site and buy his
cd! ill post the sit when i remmber it...

well all from me for now, i will write a good entry tonight
i swear!


"And if we died right now, This fool u love somehow, is
here with u. I wont deny the pain, I wont deny the change,
and should I fall from grace here w/ u, Would u leave me
2?" Smashing Pumpkins ( i love the smashing pumpkins) more
quotes from them soon

well im going shopping with joe at one today which should
be good, me and joe are back to normal...yay!