Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-11-18 02:21:08 (UTC)

Today's topic

Wellllllllllllllll, today was kinda pretty uneventful, if
ya know what I mean. I mean, like, absolutely Nothing
happened. Oh well, I guess I could like try to throw some
action in my way, or maybe seek out those metal gods, or
fight for exciter, or cross the ferryman, or maybe even
scream for vengeance. Gosh, I suppose I could also just go
and build a mystery, go crawling somewhere, go play with
some Gorillaz, swim with a candy-perfumed girl in a
drowning world, square off with the sentinel... Gosh, I
guess there are LOTS of things to do, I just don't know
it...get the man out of his box, help the rooster...

Yeah, excellent...

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