My Days
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2001-11-18 01:41:54 (UTC)

Saturday, November 17, 2001

Okay Today is just lyke any other boring day, usually i
have plans but DOnna had to go to her aunts this week *
cough* lamo lol Nah im kiddn, Anyway..... Wat is it with
guys thinkin they can talk shit about a female and get away
with it.. If u are reading this and ut hink this applies to
you than im sure it is you, so eat shit and fuck off!!!
Anyways, A message for you Andrea, Dont criticize ppl on
tehir profiles specially when u dont even have one u dumb
cunt lickin bitch, I swear ppl these days need to get over
their middle school immatuirty days and move on to much
better things seriously.. god.. anyways ill keep updated
till then keep checkin back for some more boring shit..

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