Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-18 01:05:21 (UTC)

some good , alot of bad

hey everyone
Sup ? Sorry I didn't write! I was a little busy ! Well urg
I have a lot to share! first I am so incredably sore from
volleyball , but thats ok cause i was cut and I could care
less! Last night kati nicole and I went to the school
play !! Which was so incredably funny !!!!!! :)!!!!! OMG
it was so good !!!!! haha ! I loved it ! spike was the
best! LOL ! haha ! But ummm then kati and nicole spent the
night at my house! We had a blast untill kati started being
a poop ! !!!! and I was like in so much pain from the end
of volleyball !! but oh well ! we still had fun !!!
Although at one point kati told me that she hated Dan !!!
ouch !!!!! she told me all the reasons and stuff !! Which
hurt !!!!!!! I was like so confused cause after saying that
she hated dan so much she would say 'but you like him so
its ok ' but yea! She was being kinda mean in the middle
of last night ,she kept saying all this mean stuff about me
and about dan and I was just so hurt !!! I couldn't figure
anything out !cause she was saying how Dan probably had a
small dick, and how he was probably gay. and that he
couldn't like me more then anyone else and stuff like
that ! and I wanted to say ' why cause its weird that I get
a guy who is hot,sweet and a jr. and you get no one ?! Why
is it so hard for you to understand that not every guy is
going to like you ?' but I held my tounge and didn't say
anything ! After she said something mean about me or dan or
both of us and I would kinda get quiet and ignore her she
would be like 'ok are you mad' and I was like 'uh no' but
really I wanted to say why the f*** shouldn't I be mad !
She has really been getting to me ! as you can tell !!!!
but I gues things are ok now ! I am just going to ignore
anything she says ! I have to go take a bath ! I can barely
move !!!!!
talk to you later