inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-11-18 01:03:50 (UTC)


ive been on a diary binge lately, but i felt like i've been
neglecting this one, so here i am.

i got my lip pierced yesterday, which was interesting cuz
ryan did it... our relationship (and i mean that in the
lamest terms possible) is weird now... i hate it when he
talks about his gf. i mean.. i dont need to know all that
stuff, really. i kno i talked about marvin a lot but i
wouldnt go into details like that. yes, it's fair enuff if
he has a girlfriend, and he's allowed to mention her but i
don't want to get into deep discussions, all right?

so now talking with him usually ends up with me getting mad
or depressed or watever, and i just hate it. he was the
only one who'd stay up late and talk online. and it was a
bonus that he was in edmonton, cuz then we sort of had a
connection. it made things more real (well, now i do kno
he's real cuz i saw him yesterday, but yanno). it's just
sickening now and i wish we'd never gotten into that sort
of conversation... why couldnt we have just talked about
piercings and mods and junk like that??

see, i hate people cuz no matter wat, no matter how much u
like them @ one point, they'll always end up hurting you.
and not even deliberately. the only way 2 avoid that is 2
avoid ppl altogether, which i did when we moved here, fer
nearly 8 months i believe... i wish i could do that again,
but i kinda ruined things by getting a job and realizing
that i do need to work and be out there in public, in the
real world...

life truly does suck.