Love, Sex and College
2001-11-18 00:51:26 (UTC)

Am I in love?

There was no message for me when I got back to my place, my
mom did come up and I showed her a picture of me and
Andrew, I could tell she was less than thrilled about it. I
am just feeling so damn frustruated, I had a really good
time with my mom and sister. My mom tells me I have changed
and that I am different. I want to see Andrew but he is
busy cleaning out his brother's basement since he is moving
in there. He said that there is still a possibility if they
get done early enough and he knows I want to see him really
badly. I think if he really wanted to be committed to me he
would make ths work more. He would be trying harder to make
an effort to see me. I asked him if he even talked to his
brother James about going to see me, he said yes and when I
asked him if he asked James if he was willing to drive
Andrew to my place James seemed to think that would be ok.
I just don't get it. But I know damn-well that another
weekend would have gone by and I would have not seen him.
Yes, I did seem him a little over a week ago, but I want to
spend more time with him, he is my boyfriend for godsake,
it seems like I am putting all of this fucking effort and
not getting much. I don't know what to do. Am I really in
love or what? I don't know whats going on. I wish he wasnt
so afraid of getting hurt and subconciously distancing
himself from me. We would be doing so much better
otherwise. Any one have any advice?