2000-11-15 01:41:15 (UTC)

sup spank? well today was a..

sup spank?
well today was a good day. first off i dont have to get up at 4
am anymore now i get to get up at 5:30 like the rest of the teenage
socity. welll anyway got my school pics today and they look BAD and
i hate them and i missed retakes and i have to make out
50,000,000,000 pics and my pen is gay so yeah. and friday is the
sadie hawkins and this little brat that i diss like a ot likes me a
lot and i cant be mean to people and well im gonan have to be to her
if she asks me cuz i ahve a date and a G/F and yeah i just its bad.
ok imagion a girl that stalks u every day of your life and wates at
your class just to say hi and walk away i think thast a little
obsessive i find it flattring but yeah its old and kinda sick cuz im
not that good looking to begining and i have a girl friend so she
should get a hint but no. please girls if u are reading this dont
stalk guys thats our job ok well till next time peace