Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
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2001-11-18 00:22:45 (UTC)

Angelic Cows

Today I got a new cat which is named, and it will probally
be changed soon, Galiath (don't I suck at spelling?). He
is a 4 month old spotted tabby cat that we adopted. He is
adorable. I also filled some food baskets at the pantry in
town for people who can not even buy their own thanksgiving.
Our family never really celebrates it but you know, it is a
good thing to say I did when I apply for a collage.
Have you ever have images just go through your eyes? It
is a funny thing you know if you have had it. You see these
semi-transparent figues gliding across your vision; you know
they are not suposed to be there but they are there
according to your eyes. I had this happen when I was
driving. Five little cartoon angel cows with wings,tootoos
( I have no idea how to spell that), and little magical
wands with stary sparks coming out of them just glided right
through my sight; dancing merrily and spinning of coarse.
And no, I am not on something and I was not at the time.
Most curious....
I wonder if I have yet gone completly insane...

~Valkyrie of Velios~