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life of a porn star
2001-11-17 23:35:24 (UTC)

rough week

this week was even shitter than the last. mon and tues i
worked. also i am going out with greg agian. wed i got in a
fight with cara and that pissed me off but nowi could care
less. then thursday i gt my report card. i only ad an 81
average and my dad flippe outwhch is typical. but the last
few fights we have had, hae been really bad. itold him i
hate him and he said he didnt care what i thought of him.
then he told me i am grounded for a long time. then i went
up to my rom and took an entire bottle of tylenol with
codene. i thought i was gonna die too. but alas i woke up
again on friday. i elt like shit too i couldnt stop
shaking. i was puking n school and we went to breakfast and
i threw up again. it was kinda scary. then i refused to
leave my room yesterday so i didnt see my parents. then
today i had to volenteer and my dad picked me up and he
wasbeing really nice. ive tried to be cold yto him but e
mak it impossible. i havent talked to ne on important in
awhile and that makes me sad. i will live i guess.