The jerk files
2001-11-17 23:09:31 (UTC)


Well today is indeed Saturday the 16 of November. Its
getting very close to my birthday. Wee. Well i just got
back from Monterey right now, actually it was the singles
convention. There were about 100 people there. Mostly our
church but there were a good amount of other people there i
didnt know. We just hung out for a while on the first day
but then we had to play worship in the evening. It was
cool. We got to bed around 3 o clock and had to be back for
prayer at 7. Yes! We played with the annointing. Ok,...get
this. The second night Irma Diaz was gonna preach. We were
on the last worship song, (Resting Place) when i was
playing a solo i felt the presence of God come down on me.
I felt heavy and fell to my knees. I kept playing and soon
felt even weaker and heavier. I fell forward on my face and
just laid there for who knows how long. Man it was crazy, i
was speaking in tounges and just weeping before God. I had
never felt His presence like that, EVER. And Irma hadnt
even preached yet. So after a while i got up to finish
worshiping some more and everyone was prostrate on the
floor. It was heavy man. She then couldnt preach. She didnt
know what to do. So we all just basked in His presence some
more. Wow.
Now, Masters is going,...well,...its going. I am
starting to see everyone's true colors. Its kinda hard to
accept but i think we will adjust accordingly. Alotta
attitude this week. The team went to LA this morning to
minister at a youth rally or something. I had to come back
to play worship tomorrow. (For those of you who dont know,
i play lead guitar for worship. I go to Christian Worship
Center of Manteca. and i have my mom, dad, 2 sisters and a
brother. all siblings that is. Our church has
three services on Sundays and roughly estimates about 1500
people. Its cool. anyways i got to go now,...sleep to catch