Fish Journal
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2001-11-17 23:04:05 (UTC)



Well talk about procrastination.. I've probably done a
million things since the last time I wrote in this diary!!

I guess the main things to add are:

1. Finally added 2 female boesemani rainbowfish to my 100
gallon aquarium.. Still waiting to get the males.. Two LFS
only have the females.. Guess I should have bought them as
quick as I saw them, Ick be damned.. Oh well..

2. Added 2 madagascar rainbowfish (1 male, 1 female) to the
100 gallon.. So far, so good.. Not finding a whole lot of
information about these guys on the internet or my
rainbowfish books unfortunately.. So far max size,
aggression levels, feeding habits and schooling tendencies
are all I've found.. Will keep looking though.. Would like
to know how easily they spawn and what conditions would be
best for them..

3. Added flourite to the substrate of my 25 gallon planted
tank.. That was a horrendous mess.. I've never seen so much
goop in my tank water.. I suppose I should have asked about
what the best way to add the flourite to the tank was..
Obviously it wasn't to try and rinse the silt off and dump
it in.. I'm such a goober.. Regardless, the silt has
settled and things are looking much better..

4. Considering adding some ghost shrimp to the 25 gallon
planted tank.. I think they'd be fun and possibly help keep
the excess food and algae from building up in the tank.. I
doubt they'd get munched in that tank, so will probably
pick up a few next week..

5. Been digging thru some Tanganyikan pictures.. Found some
really pretty ones out there.. Kinda makes me wonder what
I'm going to do with my son's goldfish tank once the
buggers are out in the pond.. We shall see I suppose..
There are several ideas buzzing around my head for what I'd
do if I had another tank to play with..

Okay, I think that's everything that was buzzing around my
head.. I'm sure I'll remember something that I should have
wrote down in about 5 minutes but maybe that will teach me
to update this thing more often..