Portal to the mind
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2001-11-17 22:39:10 (UTC)

The void

No longer held
no longer chained
I learned so much
I dont know what
i dont know why

I left my body
I left this place
comfort and numbness
sitting in the void
completely isolated
but not alone

My body now gone
shattered and fragmented
i found the fucking light
i rode the spiral all the way out

where is reality
what is life
perfect and painless now
but forever ive lost time

the energy consumed my spirit
i joined the game
we're all together now,
together we ARE the light

where am i going
i will never know
im not ready to leave

Im falling now
you spit me out
why did u forsake me?

Im descending down the tunnel
falling, falling, falling
hours pass, or minutes, i dont know for sure

i reached the portal,
im reborn from your womb
where am i now?
who am i?
what happened?

im like a new born child
i was reborn

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