Life in the Making
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2001-11-17 22:27:51 (UTC)

Taking Charge of Brother

My brother called me at work last Saturday when I had to do
that huge ass party. I never got to talk to him. Brian
didn't even tell me he called unitl after the party was
over. So I wondered what was going on. Then yesturday, I
finally found the number to the place he was staying at
(for those of you who don't know, my parents left early
October 31 to move to Orgeon, leaving my brother Cody to
stay with a friend for about a week unitl they could find a
place) and gave them a call. Dennis, the father of the
house, told me Cody had been taken to juvinal Hall. So I'm
like... "oh, god.... not now...." I call my grandparents to
let them know what happened, then I call Juvi to see what's
up. It's been two weeks and three days now that my parents
left, and they havn't sent my brother a bus ticket like
they were supposed to do, or even attempted to contact me
or anyone. So as of now, no one knows where they are. I'm
the only relative my brother has in the state of Nevada. So
I go down to Family Court(aka Juvi) and talk to the people
in charge. Because I am the only living realative in
Nevada, and we have no way to contact our parents, they
turned him over to me. But I live with Brandon and his
parents... I can't support myself let alone my 15 year old
brother. So for the day of Friday I was his legal guardian.
18 years old and already a legal guardian? I'm still a
child myself. So I ask Brandon's parents if they would mind
if Cody stayed the night with me for the night. Being the
nice wonderful parents they are, they agreed. I went to
work (one hour and 15 minutes late) with him with me. I got
ahold of my grandparents, and Grandma booked him a flight
for the next morning for Califnoria, where they and my aunt
live. I call David when I get off work, and ask him to come
with me, because being the blonde that I am, I would get
lost just going to the airport. So David picked us up at
7:30 this morning and took us to the airport where I got
him his ticket and walked him to the security. Then I left.
Now, after all this has happened, I feel much more like an
adult. I took on the responsiblilty that a parent would. I
handled the situation with care and determination. I was
being mature and serious about the situation. My parents
have always told me I was immature. When I get a hold of
them and tell them my story, they'll see how immature I
really am. I proved that I can handle a difficult
situation. I was an adult for those few hours. And it felt
good. I feel as if I can take on anything, but I know I
still have a lot of growing to do to accomplish that. I
need to thank the Officer that gave my brother over to me.
He gave me the chance and the trust I needed to handle my
brother. I especially need and want to thank David. I know
that if he hadn't been there for me, then I would have lost
it. Not only would I have not gotten my brother on his
flight on time, but I would have been stressed and worried
about my brother. I didn't want to let him go inside the
airport by himself. If David hadn't been there for me, then
I wouldn't have been able to go in, explain the situation
to the people (my brother has no ID) and get him to the
right place. I'm glad I was able to act like a parent, like
an adult. It just shows everyone just how mature I am. I'm
not a kid anymore, and handling this situation proves it.