edy's life
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2001-11-17 21:37:33 (UTC)


i dono what to say really anymore? im kinda all confused
i been smokin alota cuz i been feelin down alot then i
start fallin odwn alot ha i htikn that aby is really
serious? i kinda liek it i nkow i liek it

i liek punk rock i liek rock thrash grunge but theres
somtihn abour that gay ass hero song i hate it it makes me
feel liek bad sorta whenever its on i dont turn it htough
liek in the video i picture my self as the guy and aby as
the gurl and i was leik i dono feelin weird abut it i feel
liek sad it makes me feel liek (sounds gay) when the guy
dies i feel liek thas what i didi to aby just liek left her
with no goodbye kinda hthing ahhh i sound liek a pussy but
its weird i liek aby alot i love aby its so hard to show

we said along time ago that we were gona get married
someday and... .. i odno if she is but i would love
that :..)