Kelcore's Journal
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2001-11-17 19:36:39 (UTC)

Sinking sensually into my seat

Well I'm starting this thing, but I'm not sure that I'll
keep up with it, but if I feel like it, I'll try.

Today I slept until noon, well I tried, but decided after
cringing after the phone rang numerous times, that I had to
get up.

Last night we had our drama performances, our last night
of "A Coupla Bimbos Talking", in which I was the lead
bimbo, an actually extremely intelligent, wildly dressed,
80s chick in NY city. I got the NY accent down quite
nicely. I recieved roses, and many words to make my head
grow. Tonight I still have a small role in "Happily Never
After" as Cinderella's cruel stepmother. I've done quite
nicely with the character, and the costume is great.

Last night we finally lost a football game, we had done so
awesome, going to district playoffs. Our crazy tailgating
group with their lawnchairs under the scoreboard. Doing our
dances, stunts, and chants back and forth with the band. It
was awesome for my senior year. Sure college football will
be awesome if I get into it, but not so personal. And sure
I can always come back, but at the same time, you can never
go back. But the last game, wow, starting out strong, then
letting them catch up, we went into overtime. So
close. I just remember our boys falling in the checkered

A few days ago someone broke into our house and stole mom's
laptop and our video camera. Mom has been extremely upset,
and stressed (even before this all happened). She's so hard
to deal with. But maybe she's right, when she gets angry at
this place. Isnt it just a place, or does it really embody
a heavy hiding soul. Orange Springs, out in the forest.
Maybe it really is just a place where most people come to
hide. What are we doing here then? People elsewhere in the
world are trying, working, living. But then again, on
mornings like this when I look across the lake, I can only
sigh in contentment. Or clear nights, huddled on the dock,
seeing more stars than are visible to most, can I ask for
more? There are good people out here, and I dont think
they're hiding...? Maybe we came out here to hide...well I
think it's time for us to get out now.

I think I want a boyfriend again, and I think I might have
someone in mind...I wonder if they ever have me in mind.
I'm moving on, need something new, I keep looking back, and
that only brings tears.

Gees, I wrote enough, guess I just had a lot on my mind.

Love and Other Sports,