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2000-11-15 00:59:39 (UTC)

Querido diario, I am a sexy..

Querido diario,
I am a sexy bitch. Hmmm...tomoroow I am going home with Kevin.
Should be interesting. I can only write for 5 minutes cause then he
is going to call me. Kevin told my mother that he wanted to do me up
the ass. i almost died when she told me that, and then laughed like
all hell. He's so damn funny, and madly in love with me. And I dont
like him. I try to get myself to like him, but it's just too much of
a hastle. I have such a busy schedule, I can't always have time just
for him, and I feel bad about it.
I also have to type something up for my bro, cause I said I
would. This weekend I think I'm gonna ask Cory to come with me
cruzin' wit Jim and Britt. I don't hink she'll care too much, pretty
much not at all. I think he likes me, and I think I like him too,
but I'm not going to do or say anything about it. I'll let him make
the first move, which I know is gonna take forever, so I'll prolly
loose interest before he starts up anything with me.
But I'll give you more info on everything tomorrow. After
Kevin's house, and also after work. So we'll see what happens.

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