changing lanes
2001-11-17 17:39:06 (UTC)

breakfast in bed

i woke up this morning with arms around me. i looked at
him and i wanted to tell him how i feel but i couldn't---he
said he was hungry and i said all i have is some pie
(laughing) he said that sounds good and started to suck on
my neck we wrestled around and laughed until he went down
on me........oh god did he go down on me!!!!!!! then we
made love for hours....
i think he came inside me......i hope that wasn't the one
that got away...(if i get pregnant i'll die)
i want to tell him i love him so bad but i want him to say
it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he's at a video shoot this afternoon..oooooh he looked so
fuckin sexy when he left here i wanted to pull off his
clothes and go again!
he told me last night that he might be going to london
sooner than we thought...everything is happening so fast i
can hardly catch my breath.....but i do love him i think i
can wait for him.,...........

ok gotta go--just had to relive this morning for a sec.