2001-11-17 17:25:51 (UTC)

"Most Boringest Friday"

I didn't do anything on Friday. I was supposed to go to the
CIF game with Reyna and Nicole. Nicole's sister was going
to give us a ride, but then Nicole started inviting all of
these other people, and she said there wasn't any room for
Reyna and I. Isn't that scandalous? then her sister just
goes to LA, so Nicole didn't have a ride up there either.
Well, Jessie goes out with Flora, so I didn't really go to
In-N-Out and have to see him there, you know? I saw them at
school all holding hands and smiling. Made my heart sink. I
won't last long tho. Jessie's just her boy of the week. But
then that makes me think, would I want to go out with him
after he's been with that? But Adrien would've been there,
and he's fun to hang around. He's on the football team,

I didn't have anything to do yesterday. I was seeing if my
friend was home so we could go to Mc'Donalds or something,
but he wasn't home either. It was so boring! I almost
started to do homework, but I wasn't that bored =0. I'm
going to get it all done today tho.

Robin called me the other day. Like I wanted to talk to
him! I told him all of these reasons why I don't like him,
and he was like, "But I'm not like that," and I was
like, "That's how you made yourself out to be." We only
talked for like 5 minutes. Tony, his roomate, told me that
the lady their staying with said tthey can stay the rest of
the school year. Then she had some lady come and tell Tony
that he had to be out by December 27th. Isn't that messed
up? I wish it would've been Robin to leave. He's always
flirting with people and he's only nice to you when he
wants something. Jerk.

Today my dad's supposed to take me to the park so that I
could practice pitching. I play fastpitch softball. I wanna
try out for the school's team, which is in December I
think. So, I need to practice. I always wanna try out for
swim. The only bad thing is that goes on in the winter as
well, so it's going to be freezing! But, I can do it =0)