even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-17 17:02:13 (UTC)

im trying to figure out what its all about

so.. i woke up early cause the dogs were barking and mom
was yelling and then so i get up, and mom is liek, oh.. a
sheriff is at the door, can you let him in? blah, ok.. so
there is this oldish dude with a mustache and a marine
tatoo of a bulldog up satirs telling mom that the shelf
thing is not a theft, but a breach of contract... and i
think hes having a hard time dealign with this woman thats
letting him see whats going on... he got an accent... i
think he sucks.. i think he has a supperiority complex and
things that because he has a gun that hes better than us..
i hate people like that... but he says we get a
detective... in two weeks... ahh i think i hate this guy...
yea hes a dick... poo, i don't like having him in my house,
oh he just left! so last night was fun.. i woke up thinking
about the boys, cause they are so fun.. also, this morning,
i woke up thinkng about introversion... but, mom needs the

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