writings on the wall
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2001-11-17 16:29:48 (UTC)

Friday night...

I was lying on th bed last night beside mom and i
started thinking about him again, out of the blue. I cried
and I had to do it silently because I was afraid that mom
would hear me. I don't want her to worry about me, she have
enough problems with my bro. I just wish that I could just
forget about him and get on with my life, but it's so
difficult to do that...

I know that he's not thinking of me. He didn't call
and I know that he's getting on with his life like normal.
The way he ignores me just hurts me. All I can be thankful
for is that I don't have to face him every day, if not, I
am sure that I would've cried in his arms and beg him to
take me back!!!

Maybe some things in life is fate. There was no way
that I could know him if it was not my best friend Huey who
introduced us. I will keep chanting this mantra to myself
daily: "What that doesn't kill me only makes me stronger"...

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